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South African students came to our company


Today, 22 South African students from Hangzhou Polytechnic came to our company to start a 9-month factory study life.

Our company has close cooperation relationship with Hangzhou Polytechnic and has established a long-term strategic cooperation alliance. School-enterprise cooperation is the innovation of the skill training system, the inheritance and innovation of the theory and practice, it is the expression of the combination of education and economy, and it is the beneficial exploration and practice of colleges. 

During the 9-months  study time in KD, We Hope all of these South African studenets  will apply their knowledge learned into production practice, and accept the test through a series of production practice. Find out their shortcomings through practice,Summarize the knowledge gained from practice, and further rise to theory, so as to better guide production practice.

After 9-months wonderful time in KD, they will back to South Africa. They can play the role of a friendship bridge and a civilization messenger, fully absorb and correctly spread China's 5,000-years-old culture, and make its due contribution to promoting cooperation and friendship between China and South Africa, and promoting China-Africa cooperation and exchange.



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